Custom AI for Singapore SMEs

Work with seasoned technical founders


AI Chatbot

Persuades your leads and intelligently answers any question

Increases lead conversion by 25%
Frees up 80% of customer service's time

Who we are

Tech founders with a Singapore team of developers


Leonard Loo


Forbes 30 under 30, AI @ Harvard. Previously Head of Product @ GovTech, Started,


Carl Luo


8+ years of building full-stack applications. Previously Senior Software Engineer @ GoTo, Garena, Sea, AXA

Voltade's Team Picture - Singapore developers

The highest quality AI chatbot out there

Persuasive, intelligent and with all the tools to get the job done

Understands humans

Ask any question in language of choice to get an empathetic and persuasive response

Not suitable for WhatsApp

Chatbots on WhatsApp are horrible - slow, only replies in text and occasionally lies. Voltade's AI chatbot is only on the web, and without these issues.

Custom Mini apps

Brings up mini apps such as forms, calendars, tracking and more to service your customers

Setup Process

3 - 5 weeks to Launch

texting chat


We set up a Whatsapp group and weekly update meetings for our teams

library books book


You upload knowledge to Voltade's interface, and we integrate with your website and database

team work website

Mini apps

We customise relevant mini apps that AI can bring into the chat, such as forms, calendars, and more

finance money city


You give us credentials to your website for us to launch your AI chatbot there. After launch, AI chats are emailed to you.

We're housed in IMDA

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We started Voltade to democratise AI within SMEs.

Much like every consumer has a phone, every company should have an AI.

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